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The Randomness of Randomness

The Randomness of Randomness

Ah, the glory of babies. Last night's multi-hour scream fest was given a respite during a desperate lemme-just-take-her-for-a-drive gambit. It long as the car was moving (makes you want to run right out and get pregnant, doesn't it?). But, it was nice. Driving down narrow country roads, even in the rain at 9:30pm has it upsides: I have now learned where all the frogs live. Perhaps it was the week-long rainfest we've been having but the roads were FULL of small hopping frogs. As well as something distinctly weaselish that scurried from my headlights into the dense brush on the side of the road. We won't discuss how many of those frogs ended up crushed under the wheels of my Subaru.

Earlier, we'd had our own close-up view of the frog world. A thumb-nail sized frog leapt onto our storm door and hung out for awhile. He was a yellow/chartruse color with see-through skin, as if he'd been made from cellophane. I could see his tiny bones, his internal organs, his rapidly beating heart. You don't see THAT in the city. Apparently, all the city's getting is a large number of rats. Wanna join me out here?

Dusty Quote of the Day:

"When I grow up and I'm done being a ballerina, I'm going to be a spaceship. A REAL spaceship and zoom up in the air." Lofty goals for a 3 year old, no?

Today I got my hair cut and got to hear a Best Of Duran Duran CD. Man, it took me back and restored my faith in the '80's. Suddenly, I had to possess this CD. I went to Target (ostensibly to buy another 500-count bag of diapers) and there it was--The Greatest of DD (not to be confused with Linda Barry's "The Greatest of Marlys"). I was not a huge DD fan back in the day as I was more interested in Bowie and The Clash and The Dead Kennedys. My sister was the DD fan. But, damn, they wrote some pretty good songs. Now, if I could just find a Haircut 100 CD....

What really amazes me is how the brain stores information, particularly song memory. I haven't heard some of these DD songs in 10 or 15 years and yet, the lyrics were there and I was singing along to "Her name was Rio and she..." as I drove Red home from the sitters. Why do I remember lyrics to DD songs but couldn't speak or write a sentence in French (which I took for many years in high school and college) if my life depended on it? Odd.


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