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Monday = Low Expectations

This entry is going nowhere – just so you’re not expecting too much.

The weekend was full of:

1. Painful ear infections
2. Coughing until you puke
3. Dirt

God, I surely love the pollen overload part of spring. Especially since it seems to have destroyed my children. Never have I seen such crazy reactions to the stuff. Runny noses, yes. Some coughing due to post nasal drip, sure. But, damn! Dusty’s little allergy attack lead to an ear infection which started off in the right ear and – painfully – moved into the left. So, yay, more antibiotics for her! I am so proud.

And Red’s introduction to pollen has given her a snotty nose and a cough so violent at times she’s lost whole meals. Which, because she’s had no appetite for real food, has just consisted of regurgitated milk. Sounds gross but having lived with babies with reflux, I don’t bat an eye at puked up milk anymore. Mop it up, change their clothes, and move on. There’s no smell so it’s all good.

Since I got very little sleep (Red was not feeling her best) and was in a crappy mood yesterday, I went outside and emptied bag after bag of top soil, mixed with compost, into my newly constructed raised beds. I got two out of three filled and just need 4 more bags of dirt to complete the third. Then, wait for the plants to arrive and for the overnight temperature to get warm enough to plant seeds. Dusty’s not pleased with the selection of vegetables we’ll be planting: zucchini (“gross”), yellow squash (“blech”), tomatoes (“only grownups like tomatoes”), cucumbers (“I don’t like the school’s cucumbers either”), green beans – pole and bush varieties (“I’ll like green beans when I’m six”), eggplants (“bleh”), and green peppers (“yuck”). And, watermelon (“yay!!”). Plus, basil, dill and flowers. Dusty likes flowers. So, there’s that.

It was nice to be outside with dirty hands even though it was too windy and cold for my tastes. But, the physical labor helped dissipate my bad mood and allowed me to cater to everyone’s whims for the rest of the day. And finish the laundry. It’s all about laundry when everything’s being, shall we say, soiled more rapidly than normal.

Later, Dusty set up shop as Resident Librarier and checked out books for the family. She brought her cash register into the kitchen to scan the books and wrote out lists of the books she was letting each of us borrow. She copied the titles of the books onto a large Post-It Notes. Mine reads: Goodnight Moon, Maisy Plays, The Very Hungry Cater (ran out of room for the rest of the word), Babys Colors.

And, speaking of Dusty, I found this sentence scrawled on a piece of paper while I was cleaning off my dresser: “Do you like your dinner? Do you like it so much that you’re scared out of your pants?”


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