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Sagwa Bloody Sagwa

As the FreshHell household prepares to spend a few days at the beach, I give you yet another cop-out entry meme, courtesy of the delightful Lauren aka captvfirefly. I don’t know if I’ve copied the questions exactly but I’m a little brain dead today:

(Let me just preface this by saying that, in general, I don’t really feel the need to own movies when I can rent them for a few bucks. Also, we just became owners of a DVD player (sadly not a recorder) at Christmas. Which all explains the numbers below.)

1. Total number of DVDs/Videos owned: 5 DVDs which includes a box set of Jeeves & Wooster episodes (Xmas gift) and volumes 1 and 2 of Looney Tunes Golden Collection. Bugs Bunny rules. Dusty owns about 12 videos but rarely watches them anymore. We also have a couple boxes of videos full of movies (monster and what have you) taped off the television. It was nineties, man. That’s what people did.

2. Last film bought: Looney Tunes, Golden Collection volume 2.

3. Last film watched: The Aristocats. Despite my hatred of all things Disney, this movie was one of my favorites and I knew Dusty would like it. I mean how bad could it be? Paris, cats and jazz!

4. Five films I watch a lot (but not necessarily my top five favorites):

a. This is Spinal Tap. Speaks for itself.

b. Stripes. Actually, kind of a bad movie but I was obsessed with it when it came out and have probably seen it 30 times or more. I adore Bill Murray and every time I watch this movie, it brings back good memories of a time that had few good times.

c. Four Weddings and A Funeral. I admit to being a sucker for Hugh Grant and this movie is kind of comfort food. It seems to be on television at any given time so I can always get my fix.

d. Office Space. Yeah, if you could come in to work on Saturday for a couple of hours, like nine o’clock to maybe four o’clock, that’d be great.

e. Zoolander. Hilarious. Not only does Ben Stiller rule, but this one has a David Bowie cameo! And Owen’s pretty hot, too. If you’re into blondes.

I’ll skip passing this one on to anyone in particular since I doubt they’d play (nobody ever wants to play with me, she says depressed and weary from lack of sleep), but if you’re game, have at it.

Now, I must go wash the blood out of Sagwa’s fur. Dusty had another nose bleed in the night. Sigh. A mother’s work is never fucking done.

And it just wouldn’t be a proper entry without a Dusty quote: “You know what? I’m a vegetarian! I eat different food and drink different milk. Isn’t that cool?”

So, there you are. I’m outta here! See you next week.


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