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Ever Since The World Ended....

...I don’t go out as much.”

I’m beginning to think that just by writing things down and throwing the words into the universe, things change. Last weekend was nice and my mood improved instantly. Red slept better, my husband actually did a load of laundry (is he secretly reading this?), I did some gardening, we had some friends and their daughter – a preschool mate of Dusty’s – over for lunch on Monday.

Then, poor Dusty was sick on Tuesday and I spent the day corralled with Red while my husband tended to Dusty. Red was in a good mood that day and I was able to observe all her new abilities, talents and interests.

Red loves music and now “dances” to whatever’s on the turntable (yes, we actually have one of those things – and about 15 million records): Hawaiian, Bossa Nova, Led Zeppelin, Mose Allison, Pizzicato 5. You name it, Red’s shaking her fat booty to it.

She’s talking now and says, “N-did-n did-n.” and “Dud-n dud-n.” and “Ni-DEH!” She also enjoys clicking her tongue, trilling it and doing the famous raspberry noise. Her tongue is multi-purpose! And, she’s sprouting a new tooth so by the time she’s tasting her first bite of birthday cake, she’ll have a total of 5 teeth to sink into it.

Red really likes books. She turns the pages and will slam her hand down on each page, as if to teach it to lie still, behave. Then she chatters to the pictures before turning another page. Her favorite books are Pat the Bunny, the Maisie collection, and any board book with photos of actual babies. Faces of babies make her laugh. Some kind of inside baby joke, I guess.

She loves being outside, sitting in the grass and pulling up clover. When she’s out getting a gentle breeze in her head fur, she’s quiet and mellow. And, best of all, she doesn’t put the grass in her mouth. I’m not sure why this is but I’m thinking about pitching a tent in the yard and seeing if she’ll sleep through the night if she’s sleeping outside. Too bad I don’t have a tent and am too frightened of ticks to actually go through with this experiment.

Red not only walks now but she runs. And flaps her arms like penguin wings as she runs from kitchen to family room and back again. She loves to race around with Dusty. Mainly, she just loves Dusty. Who wouldn’t? Dusty rules.

So, yeah, things are better for the moment. Sometimes, that’s the best you can hope for.


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