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The Tyranny of Stupid People

I am so fucking pissed right now. It is a rare moment that I am brought to tears and have to close my office door so nobody has to witness me cry.

I am taking a few days off at the end of the month, while Dusty is between preschools. I had planned to drop Red off at the sitterís and then take Dusty to visit her new preschool, buy her school supplies, take in a movie, eat lunch in a restaurant (something we never do), and just generally take advantage of this unexpected time off.

Well, when I mentioned this to Redís sitter, she informed me that when I have a day off, so does she.

Um, excuse me?

So, Iím paying for care that I canít have because Iím not working that day. How does that work exactly?

Itís in the agreement, she says.

I donít recall that AND Iíve taken off plenty of days from work before without this being mentioned. So, suddenly the rules have changed? She doesn't understand that such a rule, were it true, would only put parents in the position of lying to her in order to secure care for their children when they wanted or needed to take a day off from work.

Hereís the sentence in the illiterately-written agreement that she claims means that when Iím not working, itís a holiday for her:

ďRates are the same for those days you or your child are unable to make.Ē

Nevermind that itís not even a complete, grammatically correct sentence. That is not what itís saying at all. I interpret this sentence to mean that whenever I donít feel like bringing my child to her, I still owe her payment for that day. Which, I donít have a problem with. That is reasonable.

Her interpretation, if you can even call it that, is not reasonable. Itís unfair and makes no sense. And, suddenly itís an issue. I've taken off plenty of days from work and still brought Red to her without any mention of this rule. I donít get it. Iím paying her, itís a regular week as far as she and Red are concerned. But, because Iím not at work, I canít bring Red in AND I have to pay her.

The fuck!

She also claims that all daycare centers do this.

Uhhh, no. They donít. Because theyíre not insane.

So, I called Redís new place and moved her start date up to the 29th of August. The woman I talked to was shocked to learn what Redís sitter was doing. We both were in agreement that, it makes no difference where I am physically (as long as they can contact me should they need to); if Redís coming in that day, and Iím paying for it, thatís all that matters.

So, now I get to inform the sitter of this and hope that Redís treated well during her last remaining week and a half at her house. And, Iíll bet you a trillion dollars that she expects to be paid for something seeing as how my original six weeks notice has become a week and a half. Guess Iíll be transferring some money from savings to pay for this unfortunate turn of events.

God! I canít wait until my children are out from under the tyranny of daycare. This fucking sucks!


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