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Conversation With My Biological Clock


Biological Clock: Knock, knock! Or should I say: tick, tick!
FreshHell: Um, I don’t recall inviting you over.
BC: Just happened to be in the neighborhood. Though I’d stop by and say hello!
FH: Go away.
BC: Geez, nice attitude!
FH: I said….
BC: Nice kid you got there (eyes Red kicking a ball around the family room and announcing “Na-donna-donna” to the walls, the floor, the ball).
FH: What’s it to you?
BC: You must admit I had SOMETHING to do with that.
FH: Um, no. I did that on my own schedule, thanks.
BC: If you say so. I’m not here to argue.
FH: Then, what ARE you here for? I’m kinda busy.
BC: Oh, yeah, “Ghost Hunters” is on. Hate to interrupt your show.
FH: Thanks. Now shut up and go away. I have no need for you.
BC: Well, just thought you’d like a reminder that you’re still young and vital.
FH: My kids fill that need, thanks.
BC: You know, women are having babies into their fifties these days.
FH: They are crazy.
BC: You’re only 39.
FH: Like I don’t know that.
BC: Just saying…….tick, tick, tick!!
FH: Get the fuck out of my house!
BC: Must be that time of the month, huh? Looks like everything’s still working the way it should.
FH: Didn’t you just hear what I said?
BC: Cute kids (riffles through current packet of photos).
BC: Cool out, mama! I’m going!
FH: (points finger at the front door and fumes)
BC: Don’t miss me too much! I’ll be back! Hahahahaha!
BC: Tick, tick, tick…..(skips down the driveway and fades into the woods)

Sometimes it’s incredibly tedious being female.


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