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Louder Than Paradise

Halloween was a success, in case you were wondering. We had dinner at a friend's house. Her daughter, "Nona," attended Dusty's old preschool and they miss each other now that they attend different schools. There was another couple invited with their five year old, "Tina." Tina's dad offered me a beer and said, "You look really familiar. Where do I know you?" I've lived here all my life so I rambled out a stream of suggestions until we hit on high school We'd gone to high school together, he was two years behind me. His older brother was either my year or one ahead. I remember him as a cute little guy with bushy blonde hair. Now, he'd shaved it mostly off and was tall and thin. His wife is a puppeteer. Not only that, but they live in our old wonderful neighborhood. On the next block over. And, they have lived there since we were there and we never knew it! How odd. But, now, I think I remember seeing his wife walking around the neighborhood with Toddler Version Tina, back when Dusty was little and we'd take walks around the block. I don't think we ever spoke, other than to exchange "hellos" but how weird is that?

We had dinner: delicious homemade vegetarian chili w/ corn muffins (Red ate most of mine). The kids all three princesses were too wired and excited to eat their mac and cheese so off we all went around the neighborhood. Dusty loves to be outside because she can yell. She let out a scream of joy and said, "I'm louder than paradise flying through the air!" I am afraid I can't interpret this lovely poetic sentence for you but I have never been much for poetry. So, you're on your own.

Then, we piled in our cars and headed down to the street where the real Halloween action was the neighborhood surrounding one of the city's better elementary schools. It was packed a long impromptu block party with hundreds of people hanging out in costume, trick-or-treating or basically just there to be seen. The girly girls went from house to house and got quite a haul. Red, fearless Red, just ran full-steam down the sidewalks, barreling into and through groups of larger humans (though, truthfully, they're ALL larger than little Red), with her lion outfit on, lion-face-hood flapping behind her, charming the millions. There were many "Awwws" in her wake. The only time she was unhappy was when I was forced to pick her up at the corners to keep her from being run over. She even went up to a huge dog and hugged it around its neck. The dog owner looked at me and said, "He's friendly." I replied, "So is she." I mean, if Red was going to get bitten, it would have already happened. Nice doggy! Thank you for not snapping at my crazy child!

And now the candy is being doled out, one piece at a time. This candy business is still a novelty for Dusty and she received a lot of things she's unfamiliar with so she's enjoying pouring it all out on the table, sorting through the loot, and wondering aloud what certain pieces of mysteriously wrapped candy taste like: will this be chocolate or more like "sweet hearts"? Only one way to find out!

And now the birthday countdown begins. Dusty will be five in three weeks, give or take a couple days. The only thing tempering her excitement is the fact that, two days after her birthday, she goes to the doctor for a check-up that includes a number of vaccinations. Plus a flu shot.

Next week is her final week at her current preschool, House of Movies. She is looking forward to going to Red's center and swinging on the swings. And, I think though she hasn't said so I think she's looking forward to not watching videos every day. I really think they tire her out in a different (and worse) way than physical exercise does. I don't think she's been able to properly rest during naptime because of those damn videos. Kids her age, whether they actually sleep or not, really need a quiet rest time in the middle of the day and House of Movies is doing those kids no favors.

And, that's about it. For the moment, everyone's well and happy, and we have nothing planned for the weekend. Which is just the way I like it! See you next week.


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