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Okay, I got tagged by harri3tspy, so here are my answers (which only count for the moment next time you ask, they might be different):

Four Jobs I've Had: nanny, dry cleaning desk clerk, McDonald's cashier (and you wonder what lead me to vegetarianism?), data entry clerk.

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over: There are many more than four but, in the interest of trying to answer this question, they are Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Gene Wilder version, duh), Blazing Saddles ("The sheriff is a nig-"), This is Spinal Tap (really, anything having to do with Christopher Guest), and because I simply cannot keep it to four even though I just promised, I could watch anything with Bill Murray, Pierce Brosnan (yum), and Cary Grant in it. They are my personal celebrity heros.

Four Places I've Lived: Richmond, VA (hometown); Laurinburg, NC (don't ask); Charlottesville, VA (bad scene); and Beaverdam, VA (current residence). As you can see, I've not been many places. My body is provincial, my mind is not. Rest assured, I'm am not your stereotypical Southerner (thank god!).

Four Place I've Been on Vacation: Virginia Beach/Sandbridge, VA; Northern California (Sacramento, Napa Valley, w/ a side trip to Reno, NV); Charleston, SC*; and Maui, HI*.

* These last two were not technically vacations but because I was there, I made them into vacations. I mean, wouldn't you?

Four Websites I Visit Daily: Since I'm a researcher by trade and am on the Internet every day, all day long, this is hard to limit to just four, but I'll try. Google, Diaryland, Go Fug Yourself (makes me feel better about myself), various real estate databases, and my bank's site to check my balance (just to feel worse about my position in the world).

Four Bloggers to Tag: Eh, this never works for me. I tag people, they ignore it. So, if you wanna play, be my guest. If not, no hard feelings. (She sez and slinks off, low self-esteem in check...)

Must be Wednesday.


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