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A Confession


Oh my god, I'm so embarrassed to admit this but....I am addicted to Project Runway. I know, I know!! I watched 2 episodes (I missed half of one while I was putting the kids to bed), back to back, last night because. Because! It is addicting! And? Every. Single. Male. On the show. Is gay. How great is that? Soooooooooo Great! (A Pat the Bunny joke: How big is bunny? Sooooo big.).

Those plant dresses they made last night? Ruled. I would not want to wear them, I have a thing about itchy clothing and have been known to be late for things because TAGS MUST BE REMOVED BEFORE GARMENT CAN BE WORN. But, man, I just love Daniel. Great hair. His only flaw is that he's not OTT gay, just generally gay. I mean, he is, isn't he? Tell me he is. I love Bravo and all its gay programming. I really do I'm not being sarcastic or mean at all. I would SO rather be living in a world with gay men than all these hillbilly redneck Confederacy morons! Everything would be pretty and tasteful. Men would be nice to me. They would go shopping with me and help me pick clothes that look good on me. Perhaps I'd even learn what to do with a hair dryer (which I don't own) and a round brush (which I do but it doesn't work).

The first house my husband and I owned was purchased from a gay couple who'd done all the renovations. And it looked fabulous. Which, obviously, is why we bought it, even though at the time it was a bit above our means. Tasteful, well thought-out updates. Good muted colors. Attention on the two key rooms: kitchen and bathroom. Really, I encourage you to buy from gay couples. They make a house a home.

And, Santino's impression of Tim dead on. Hilarious. What a great show.

That's all I've got, really. I just had to say that. Tonight is the season opener of Survivor, another show I love shut up! and I'm not afraid to admit it. It's just so fun to watch a bunch of dumb asses think they've got it all wrapped up and then find they've been stabbed in the back. They come in with all these preconceived ideas about "their strategy" and then discover they've missed the point. All the points. And? Bye-bye, idiot. I love it. I like fun and funny shows. I haven't watched a drama in years. Who needs the grief?

And if you were wondering, yes, Red will be back with another entry soon. Promise. In the meantime, she's learned a new word: "Die!" I'm really not sure what's she saying when she says it but nothing is funnier to me than this exchange:

My husband: "Bye, Red! See you this evening!"
Red: "Die! Die!"
My husband: "Right back atcha!"
Jeff Probst: "Mr. Freshhell? The tribe has spoken." Snuff!


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