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My Superbowl Line-Up: Buchanan vs Jefferson!


Okay - I'm beginning to feel a tad bit....unloved. I write. No response. So, if you're out there, drop me a line, huh?

Also, I have posted some new Dusty and Red photos - from Dusty's 5th birthday - to my Snapfish account. I'm too poor to afford DLand Gold Membership so I can't post 'em here. And, I'm too retarded to figure out how to do the Flicker thing (if you can help me with this - PLEASE tell me). But if you'd like to see them, let me know and I'll email the link to you. There's one really stunningly amazing photo of Red that will have you "rotfl," as the text-message kids say. Truly, it is not to be missed. Key phrase: afro clown wig.

And, if you find yourself in Virginia, and are looking for the ultimate vacation theme park experience, you need look no further than HERE. I mean, how could you pass up Giant Heads of Presidents? And children under 6 get in free! It's ed-ju-cashunal. Which can't really be said of Water-borne-illness Country USA.

Virginia is for Giant Heads.

Since I hate everything that is football, I plan to ignore the superbowl. Instead, I'm looking forward to the latest PBS installment of Dickens' Bleak House. If you haven't been watching it, you should. It's hilarious. A really well-done series. I heart high-brow programming.

Y'all have a good weekend and, maybe, pretend you still like me and leave a note. Please?


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