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2006-02-17 me a favor open the door and let 'em in!

The FreshHell crew have been grooving to McCartney and Wings this week. The CD is currently in my car. Which is being inspected as we speak. What is the inspection man doing? Why realigning my headlights, replacing a brake light and disconnecting my back-up lights. Also? I have to have my windshield replaced because the crack, caused by projectiles that fell off the back of numerous UN-covered truck beds over the past year, now runs almost the entire length of the windshield. Gotta love that country living! Rednecks don't know "cover your load" from their coondog's ass.

So, this week, in honor of Valentine's Day a holiday we don't really celebrate except to make sure there is a copious amount of chocolate in the house I read "Candy Freak" by Steven Almond. Do you like candy? A lot? Almond does. It was a light, funny book and I recommend it to those of you chocoholics out there who, like Almond, eat at least one piece of candy every day (*ahem*). Or, those of you who don't but wish you did.

The state of our finances is gradually improving, thanks to the resumption of husband's paychecks and our state tax refund. Yes, it has already been direct-deposited into our account. Don't you hate me?

Aw, don't hate me. I'm old and have grey hairs and no breasts and acne (god!). You should love and pity me. Maybe send me gifts. Like a naked Pierce Brosnan. Or a KitKat. (sniff)

[Warning: following paragraph may be TMI for some readers]

Yesterday, I had the IUD inserted. $40 and I'm golden for five years. Assuming I don't spontaneously expel it, that my uterus doesn't suddenly turn septic, or I experience half a dozen other symptoms that could or could not happen. Modern medicine, gotta fear it. Or embrace it. Or both. Right now, I'm embracing my ibuprofen. Damn cramps.


Anyhow. I have quite a lot to write about all kinds of ideas percolating but I've been too busy this week to do anything about it. Maybe after I pick up my car and go by the library (they're holding "A Little Princess" by Frances H Burnett for Dusty), I'll jot down something I can upload later. Red is hard at work on her entry as well, so don't think I've forgotten about that! No indeedy!

Be back soon! Send a note tell me you care! (Or, fuck, just pretend you do!)


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