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Countdown to Spring

Ed. Note: Let me just say that the last entry was written over the course of a couple days, thus any confusion over the actual sequence of events is due to my inability to properly edit and proofread. Also, the magical monkey pants of Red's (mentioned last week) are flannel, not fleece. Just because I know you don't give a shit. And yet, I am compelled to set the record straight.

Also! A big sloppy kiss of thanks to my sister for adding the Flickr link to my page (scroll on down!). Now, you can view Dusty and Red any time you want! I'll let you know when new photos have been added. Currently, the only ones there are ones that also live on Snapfish. I do not own a digital camera, sadly, so I am reliant on the kindness of those who do to bring them to my house and take pictures of my children. BUT! I plan to develop the next roll (which has the Ultimate Red Photo of All Time on it I hope) to a CD so...stay tuned! The fun has just begun. Or something. (special acknowledgement to fluttrbykiss for reminding me about Flickr.)

Anyway, this entry might end up resembling my mind bits and pieces, sticks and stones, this and that, thoughts and ideas scattered hither and down the street, just missing the telephone pole and - whoa, look out for that ditch!

I'm just glad February's over. My two least favorite months are, in order of sucktitude, January and February. So, it can only get better from here on out, right? Of course, March is also known around the FreshHell household as Sickness Month probably because of the change in the weather, the back and forth between cold and warm. But, that's been the theme of this entire strange winter. 70 degrees on Monday, 30 on Tuesday, 65 on Wednesday, 16 on Thursday. You know, the usual "whatever the hell." I expect to be in Quarantine Valley quite soon.

Dusty and I have recently been playing the "Countdown to Spring" game in which she asks me every single day how many more weeks until Spring. The answer now is 2 weeks. Dude can that be right? Yep, just about. You could quibble over a day here and there, but I'm looking at things optimistically, which is rare for me so don't bring me down, okay?

Here are the things Dusty and I are looking forward to in the months ahead:

March: Girl Scout cookie arrival (!!!), Kindergarten registration (gulp), SPRING! MOTHAFUCKIN' SPRING!!
April: California trip, gardening (prep work)
May: Beach trip, Daddy's birthday, gardening (planting)
June: Red's birthday, Mommy's birthday/first day of summer

Speaking of gardening, last night I was asked to tell another "in my garden" visualization story so that a certain someone could fall back to sleep after a bad dream. It worked for about an hour at which point she climbed into bed with me and slept well for the rest of the night.

Last night's garden was on the roof of a skyscraper in the middle of a huge city. The roof garden had all her favorite flowers and bushes and was bordered by huge trees that blocked out the city even the city sounds were almost completely muted because the skyscraper was so tall, the garden was hidden in the clouds on most days. There were numerous meandering paths. Along the paths were park benches with cushions. They were so comfortable you could lie down and take a nap with out getting a crick in your neck. Under each bench was a box. Inside each box was something different: board games, Barbies, snacks, train set, legos, puzzles, art supplies, etc. There was something to do at each "station" along the way. And, when Dusty did decide to nap, a squirrel would climb down out of a tree and curl up on her and keep her warm (or at least a small part of her). Birds would fly over and lay a blanket on her.

Two random Dusty quotes:

"I like pipe cleaners. They do what you want them to do."

"I wish grown ups had a playground."

This just in: Tooth #2 is threatening to evacuate the premises any hour now. I will keep you posted. This means I have to quickly go help the Tooth Fairy round up some actual cash money, a rarity around our parts these days as I am Ms. Debit Card. Roger, out!


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