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News From Abroad (A Broad?)


Greetings, Poetry Fans!

Yes, we are here outside Sacramento enjoying the chilly, rainy weather. And, as I predicted, Dusty has been sick during most of our time here. I'm going to make this entry short because I promised to go up and read to her for awhile so she doesn't get too lonely by herself.

Everyone's been sick at home, too, so I would be dealing with this no matter what.

Despite that, Dusty and I have been having a good time. We went to the train museum and Old Sac - a shopping district that's kept its old timey Bonanza look to it. We've gone thrift shopping (Dusty got a horse for her Barbies, I found some dirt-cheap clothes and some vintage kids' books). We've met all the cousins and their kids. We've hung out in the hot tub (Dusty LOVES the hot tub!). Dusty also helped my uncle pick oranges from his orange tree which thrilled her to no end. She's become attached to their funny, curly furred dog, Sophie, too. And, since she's given the dog bits of her unfinished sandwiches, Sophie hangs around her a lot.

Still a few days to go and hopefully Dusty will have recuperated well enough for us to do a bit more exploring. She enjoys shopping and there are many more thrift stores and such that we haven't seen yet. I'm hoping to get to some used book stores before we leave Wednesday morning.

So, that's the news from out west. I have not been reading diaries this week so I've got a lot of catching up to do when I return! But don't think I'm not thinking about you. I am.

Perhaps when I get back I can give a more descriptive travelogue. I can say that Dusty's first plane experience was an overwhelming success. She loves being in a plane, liked the adventure of airports, the subway shuttle in Atlanta that took us from one concourse to the other. She's a good traveler and a fun companion. Even though she's not feeling so hot, she's glad we came.

Over and out!


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