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Thanks to my swanky new laptop I can now do things like burn music CDs and offer them, free of charge, to an unsuspecting public. Or, just to you.

I have a friend, who is also a children’s author and illustrator, who has been kind enough to make compilation CDs for Dusty and Red. The one I was successful in copying last night is not only a perfect collection of songs for kids but for their 70’s-era parents as well. It includes such performers as the Muppets, the Beatles, Tony Orlando & Dawn as well as music from Harriet the Spy and Schoolhouse Rock.

So – if you would like a copy of Sing Out Sister, send me an email with your address and I will mail it to you. Right now, I only have the ability to make three (until we buy another truckload of blank writeable CDs) so, first-come, first-served!

I have much more to tell but there are things that need doing beforehand.


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