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Dusty's Got The Beat

Just when I didn’t think it was possible for Dusty to rule any more than she already does, she comes up with this:

“Do you think I could be a singer when I grow up?”
“Sure. You have to have some talent. Not everyone can do it.”
“Well, maybe I’ll have a girl band. All girls.”
“Yeah, that’d be cool.”
“And I’ll play my harmonica. And sing.”
“Excellent idea.”
“But how can I do both?”
“Well, Bob Dylan can. He sings, then he plays, then he sings. He takes turns.”
“Yeah, I’ll do that. And daddy can play keyboard.”
“I’m sure he’d love to be in your girl band.”

Another thing she’s really into these days is pranks and silly practical jokes and magic. I just ordered, for her birthday, the following “pranks”: bug in an ice cube, chattering teeth, glasses with eyeballs that hang down on a spring, hand buzzer, snake in a can of peanuts, whoopee cushion, squirting flower, and Groucho glasses.

It’s gonna be an interesting fall, I can tell.

Dusty is also totally in love with Laura Ingalls Wilder. She is completely riveted by these books, especially since Carrie is about Red’s age and does the same silly-baby things that Red does. We found these books at just the right time. In the Banks of Plum Creek, they live in a dugout – a house built into a hill – that, since this version of the book has no pictures, I’ve described as being like the Teletubbies’ house. From the outside, it looks like a little grassy hill. But, the inside of Laura’s house does not have flashing spaceship lights or a Nu-Nu – whatever that vacuum cleaner thing is called (besides a bit frightening).

Dusty's a cool kid. I'll let you know when she starts band try-outs. Just in case you wanna be famous.


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