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Today’s Bowie CD is Station to Station. I’ve talked via email to Smed about this already (because his one flaw as Music Man is his LACK of Bowieness) but I issue this challenge to you all: Go listen to this CD right-this-very-minute and then tell me your thoughts. Basically, tell me how fucking much it rules. Or, if you can’t do that (because you are, like, insane), if you refuse to acknowledge greatness when you hear it, then tell me why. I'll forgive you.

We’re only talking six songs. SIX SONGS, people! Are you up for it? Good.

We begin with the title track which Dusty loves because it begins with a train leaving a station – you hear the steam, the whistle, the wheels going...going...going...faster and faster and faster...the return of the Thin White Duke throwing darts in lovers' eyes!

This CD, I now believe, is Bowie’s best – as a complete album (and I say that with love-love-love in my heart for Z. Stardust). His drug habits in 1975-76 notwithstanding, his voice – that amazing growl and croon, the reach of it, all high and then low in three notes – is at its best.

He’s shed the glamour of Glam for a timeless Sinatra/1940’s kind of glamour that is, for me at least, much more appealing. All the songs are of a part. There is a cohesiveness here that’s hard to find in most albums in general unless the band is one of those where all the songs sound the same anyway. Which is sometimes why I go for the "Best of" compilations for certain artists because apart from the couple of songs I love, I hate paying for a CD where I have to keep hitting the fast-forward button through all the ones that don't work for me.

And of course, "Golden Years" is such a great song. I cannot tell you how much I love to hear, "Don’t let me hear you say life’s taking you nowhere/Aayyn-gel!" Sweet Fancy Moses that’s good song.

"Word on a Wing" is as close to a religious experience as I can come. It even has a chorus of heavenly angels at the end. Just a beautiful composition. I dare you to disagree.

"TVC-15" – "This week dragged past me so slowly/The days fell on their knees..." I am having a week like that. This song cracks me up what with the girlfriend crawling into the television and living in a TV Mike world. If I was a vanity plate kind of person, this would be my plate: TVC-15. That’s how I’d spot all the Bowie Freaks – they’d get the plate and honk at me in glee. But, my car is purposely a stealth model Subaru. All the better to leave the scene of the crime, my dear.

"Stay" is another glory song, a perfect song: "Stay/That’s what I meant to say or do something..."

And, "Wild is the Wind." What’s with all the W’s? I don’t know but it works for me. So does this lovely song.

Now, go get this CD and tell me what you think!!

Here’s what Dusty thinks: "If you’re eating yogurt and [frozen] blueberries [which is her favorite meal, by the way], and you drink some of that water from the jug [bottled fluoridated water – room temperature], you can totally warm out your mouth!!"

Totally warm it out, man. Like, for shurr!


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