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I’m feeling more normal today. The fog has lifted. Plus, I finished the Bell Jar so that’s probably part of my problem. Sometimes, I tend to get a little TOO into the books I read. I’ve always been that way, always been sucked into a good story, depressing or not. I can even go so far as to completely ignore my surroundings when I’m into a really, really good book. Last night, while Rocky and Bullwinkle were on and the kids were simultaneously watching it and yap, yap, yapping at me (Sometimes, my god, don’t their brains get tired from the ceaseless chatter? Apparently not.), I finished the last chapter and managed to comprehend what I’d read. Sad. The book, not my blatant ignoring of my children. Pops and buzzes, pops and buzzes.

So, I am absolutely swamped with work this week – have to pull together mini bios on the 63 directors of an educational consortium by Thursday morning (yikes) so entries will be slim pickings. Here’s my week, apart from work:

Today: Dusty and I will stop off at the nursery on the way home and cash in my coupons (you earn points for purchases during a certain time period) and get some flowers to fill in the gaps in the flower boxes on the deck (had to remove a few things and replant them elsewhere).

Tomorrow: (which happens to be my birthday, aka, Day of Doom) I have to take Red to the doctor’s for her 2-year appointment. I don’t think she’s due any vaccinations but she’ll scream nontheless. Red hates doctor’s offices and hates to have her personal space invaded. I don’t blame her, but Dusty was never like this. She was and is a pretty stoic patient. At lunchtime, Dusty’s class is having a family picnic so I’ll pop over and join her for a little while.

Thursday: OH MY GOD – my calendar is EMPTY! This will change. It’s a void just waiting to be filled. With work, no doubt. You wait and see.

Friday: Oh joy! I get to go back to the hospital/doctor’s office for my first mammogram. Because I am old. It’ll be interesting to see how they will manage to find any piece of flesh resembling a breast because Red sucked them dry and made them wither away to nothing. I am not kidding. Remember that conversation I had with my OB back in March when I attempted to get an IUD (which, sadly, did not wish to be in my body and had to be removed)? How she was practically pimping breast implants? Yeah, well, even if such a thing were covered by insurance, my body (since it can’t even stand an IUD) would not only reject such an implant but would probably create some kind of virulent cancer that would eat up my insides and kill me within six months. Plus, I’m not much of a fake breast person. So, I guess I’m stuck back with training bras or something.

Saturday: Dusty and I go to campus for our first Reading with Dogs experience. We are both looking forward to this and she’s bringing “Madeline to the Rescue” to read to her dog.

Sunday: The very awesome Cece, world famous sock monkey author, and her family are coming to visit for the day!

Monday: Red moves into the two-year-old classroom. Awww, my baby’s almost not a toddler anymore (thank the universe!)! Then, I have a dentist appointment. Should be fun to be chastised, as always, for not flossing regularly and refusing to use the electric toothbrush they’re always peddling. If there’s one place I do not need vibration, it’s my mouth. Draw your own conclusions.


Dusty Quote For The Day:
(scene: We are playing restaurant and Dusty is the waitress. I am asked what I’d like to drink)

Me: “A glass of wine, please.”
Dusty: “What kind? We have strawberry, vanilla, blueberry and chocolate.”
Me (stomach silently reeling): “Um, strawberry.”
Dusty: “Here you are. I added a little sugar because it didn’t have any.”
Me: “Mmm. Yum. Thanks so much.”

Clearly her occupation of choice should be sommelier.


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