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Hot Enough To Fry Your Dog's Brain


Oops, it’s August. Last month I missed two little Diaryland moments of note: the two year anniversary of this journal and the 200th entry. When I started this thing, my goal was to document my children’s childhood for posterity and to make myself write, if not every day then at least once or twice a week. I have met both goals. Ain't I something?

Tomorrow is another small anniversary. On August 2, 1988, I quit smoking. It’s a disgusting, dangerous habit that had begun out of a social ineptness need on my part to have my hands busy at parties: beer (or, rather, back then I was drinking shit like wine coolers. My god. Please don't think badly of me.) in one hand, and a cigarette in the other. Soon, I was up to a pack a day. Then I met my future husband. We met a friend of his for coffee and she said to him, “It must be love if you’re willing to date a smoker!” Hmmm. I quit cold-turkey the next day. Smoking, even for a few years, has got to be the dumbest thing I ever did.


One of the sad things about Dusty starting kindergarten in September is that our time in the car will go from 10 trips a week down to 3. Dusty and I have all our best conversations during our trips to and from preschool and I will miss them. On the days I’ll pick her up from the after-school program, Red will be with us which sometimes makes conversations difficult. I’ll miss things like this:

Dusty is rummaging around in my black zipper bag of things I keep in my purse, looking for my little folding sewing scissors. She wants to cut out the princess she just drew. Attached to the zipper is a little troll with purple hair.

“Last night my brain went to troll land.”
“Yeah. This troll has a dirty nose.”
“I know. It got smudged in my purse.”
“Did you know that trolls never take baths?”
“No. I guess that one’s happy to be dirty.”
“Yes. What does he do all day?”
“Sometimes he shreds up my Kleenex to make a bed.”
“What’s his favorite song?”
“I don’t know.”
“He told me ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.” Which just happened to be playing at that very minute. What a coincidence!

“You know what? I only have a few tunes in my mouth.”

“I’m going to be a race car driver when I grow up.”
“Back to that, huh?”
“Yeah. And when I see cops, you know what I’m gonna do?”
“Stick my tongue out at them.”


Damn it’s hot. It’s supposed to get up into the hundreds today. Last night, at 10pm, it was 86 degrees. Which is ridiculous. I went out to water the flowers yesterday evening and when I stepped outside, the humidity was so thick, my glasses steamed up. WTF?

Lastly, a big muchos gracias to RS536 for a copy of the new Bonnie Ra1tt CD. I dig it, Dusty digs it, plays on my car’s cd player. Which is nice.

Y’all stay cool.


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