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Roll Up! Roll Up For The Mystery Mix


The zoo was a big hit. How could it not be? Dusty saw giraffes (“Did you know they have blue tongues?”), a white lion and a “regular” one, gazelles, wart hogs, penguins, and bats (she was brave enough to go into the dark bat cave this time), and many monkeys. The zoo has a wide variety of monkeys that live in a huge enclosure near the entrance of the park. You can’t miss it.

Dusty said, “Red’s wrong. Monkey’s don’t go ‘aah aah’ they go “ooooh ooooh OOOOH!’” imitating a howler monkey.

“Well, she’s only two.”

“I know. But she’s still wrong.”


Dusty likes to draw. Especially in the car. Not too long ago she wanted to be able to have all her drawing supplies handy and in a place where Red couldn't get them (read: destroy them). So, I found a canvas bag and looped one of the handles over the headrest of the front passenger seat and put her paper, pens, markers, etc., in the bag. Now it’s all in one place and Red can’t reach it. But, it also turns into her storage/trash bag over time. Last evening she couldn’t find a pen for all the drawings crammed in the bag so we emptied it out when we got home so she could start another pile.

Most of these drawings I’d never seen before. I scanned a number of them and put them on flickr for all to view. Some are kind of light because they’re ink pen on thin paper and the photo fixer doesn’t seem to have a darkening setting (or maybe I have to buy the software to get that feature). Either way, you can now see some of Dusty’s road art. What I most love about her stuff is all the happy faces. All her people (and animals) are always smiling and doing happy things. Which makes me happy. Perhaps it’ll make you happy, too.


I received a Mystery Mix CD from bluemeany yesterday. And, man. Damn. Quite the variety of genres here. My husband snatched it out of my hands as soon as I’d opened the package and proceeded to play it. He skimmed through the 22 songs (22!) and declared it “the worst mix ever.” I reminded him that that was not the point. The point was to guess what the songs were. They weren’t compiled to be enjoyed, as a unit, per se. It was a game. Sigh. Musicians. Men. What. Ever!

I don’t remember (since it was probably May when bluemeany extended the offer) how this game works but I’m going to say, the hell with rules. I think it involved something convoluted like I had to post this in her notes AND in my journal. Not. Ganna. Da. It. (SNL G. Bush there)

Here are my answers:

1. Jefferson Starship – Nothing’s Going to Stop Us Now (ew, a dreadful song!)
2. Something country and dreadful
3. Something country – no clue but not as awful as #2
4. Dunno
5. Ditto – familiar but can’t place it
6. ?
7. Some rap-type song – another genre I know nothing about
8. Drawing a blank here
9. Wha?
10. Beatles – Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
11. Queen – Fat Bottomed Girls
12. Joan Jett – Crimson and Clover
13. Another damn country song
14. Another damn rap song
15. Harry Belafonte – Matilda
16. Bob Dylan - ? (I really don’t know the titles of most of his songs)
17. Something that rhymes Talliban with Afghanistan
18. Cat Stevens - ?
19. Some bizarre old song about a shoemaker who falls in love
20. Janis Joplin – Mercedes Benz
21. No idea
22. Sid Vicious – I Did It My Way

And there you have it. Thanks bluemeany! That was fun even though it showed what a musical retard I am. Or perhaps the deck was stacked against me since I hate country music and rap-type music and never listen to any of it. I really wish I knew what #19 was. It sounded like something from about 1962 – one of those collections of white boys in matching outfits pretending (in this song) to be Mexican or Spanish or something un-WHITE but clearly failing because you can take the boy out of Iowa but you can’t take the Iowa out of the boy.

Really, that’s all I’ve got right now.


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