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Last night as Dusty and I took our evening walk, we discovered a completely new and wild plant growing next to the barn. It was nearly 3 feet high. I snipped off a piece with the leaves (which resembled oak leaves) and the flowers (which resembled trumpet vine flowers only white with a blueish purple inside). Turns out it’s Trumpet Flower/Oak Leaf Datura, a highly poisonous plant…if you eat it. Though it is also apparently a medicinal plant and, if it doesn’t kill you, can produce an LSD-type experience. I think it’s beautiful and the horses have ignored it so we’ll let it live and perhaps transplant it in the yard this fall where we can enjoy it next year.

I need to break down and buy a pair of rugged outdoor shoes so that I can romp around on all this land without worrying about stepping in something or being bitten by hidden things – bugs, snakes, what have you. Something like this.

We do have snakes around. My husband discovered one recently while mowing. Snakes do not bother me though and I have no fear of running into one. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to run into anything poisonous but, I am glad that the mowing keeps the grass down in the yard and the horses take care of the pastures. I am more afraid of ticks than snakes. Ugh, I can’t even THINK about ticks without having the urge to strip down and check every inch of flesh to make sure there’s not one on me. You may wonder what the hell I’m doing living amongst the enemy. I wonder that myself sometimes.

Red’s got a new hero: Spiderman. For some reason, whenever she sees him in a magazine or the newspaper, she shrieks and laughs. Last night, he happened to be lurking on the back page of the comics section. I have to read the comics at night these days because Dusty bogarts them in the morning and I do not have a millisecond of leisure time in the morning to even glance at them. So, I opened the comics and Red began to yell and wave her arms and laugh. What the? She pointed to Spidey. Him? Oh yeah, Red needed Spiderman. Red loves Spiderman. When I folded back the paper, she raised her arms up in a shrug and said, “Go?” As in, “Where’d he go?” I opened the paper again so she could see him – gales of laughter and shrieking. I hid him again. Go? I revealed him. Jollity commenced.

I have never understood this child and at this point, I just take her predilections as they come without thinking too much about them. You can do your best to instill a sense of taste and culture in your children, but there’s no accounting for personal preference. I gave into this long ago with Dusty’s Hello Kitty obsession. (I still draw the line at Disney, though. I do have some standards.)

Dusty and I cut out the Spiderman picture and taped it to Red’s bedroom door so she could continue to gaze upon her hero. She’s happy; we’re happy.

Spiderman! Where are you coming from, Spiderman...


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