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At some point this morning I realized that my underwear was inside out. Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t. It’s indicative of my state of mind at the present. And, really, that side of the underwear really doesn’t get much of a workout anyway so it’s nice to be able to use both sides of the crotch. Right? And who’s gonna know? Apart from you and me, that is. And I know you won’t think any worse of me for it than you already do.

Dusty is now officially signed up for the Y’s after-school program. And after all the stress, the driving around (which took an hour and a half) to pick up proof that Dusty was born; is my child; that we both exist; that she’s had all her shots; that she doesn’t bite; that she can be in the same room as peanuts, milk, wheat, air, etc.; the good news is that this after-school program actually costs less than what I’d originally set up.

This is Dusty’s final week of preschool. Tomorrow she goes on her final field trip to the skating rink (I am so jealous!). On Thursday, we have kindergarten orientation/open house and she’ll get to meet her teacher, see her classroom, get a bus schedule, pick up her pre-ordered school supplies – the whole nine yards. Very exciting and also kind of scary.

Plus, the principal, who can't be older than fourteen, is an alumnus of the college that employs me. So there's that. I've got an instant in.

Dusty’s looking forward to being a “big kid” and riding the bus and she’s very happy that now daddy will pick her up in the afternoons on the days she’s got the after-school program and on the days that he’s home with The Redster, the bus can just drop her off at home and she can chill with them until I get home. But, in every conversation we have, she mentions that she “might be shy.” Which is how it should be. There will be a lot of that going around. And, like Harriet, I am sure I’ll be having numerous conversations with her teacher to make sure that Dusty is able to take advantage of advanced reading and art opportunities. It’s going to be a very interesting year.

Especially if I keep wearing my underwear inside out. Or maybe none at all.


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