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Change in the Weather

Okay. Second Attempt. Red is in her crib making a racket trying to find a big enough sucker to let her out of her “nap.” I am not that sucker...yet.

I am feeling better (thanks) but not 100%. When I’ve had a little free time in the last couple of days, I’ve taken a nap. Never underestimate the power of a nap. Red, what is YOUR problem?

Red is a performance artist these days. I really need to find a camcorder of some kind to document her dancing. This weekend it’s been dancing and swirling and general goofiness to Mission Impossible (the original, thank you very much) theme music and Robin Hitchcock and exotica Spanish-style/Matador music. We’re so global, the lot of us.


Friday was the hurricane/tropical-whatever. My original plans to take the kids to the children’s museum in the city were scrapped when there was no telling what direction the storm would take and whether it would get stronger as the day went on or weaker. As it turned out, it was just a very long 24 hours of sideways rain and gusting winds. Our only casualty: our one and only sunflower. We’ll miss ya, sunflower. You dodged the groundhog only to be taken down in your prime by Mother Nature’s cruel whim. Oi!

Instead, I took the kids to the library and the grocery store and the movie store. We got soaking walking in and out with books and food and movies (ET & Tristram Shandy).

Red took a long nap and so did I.

Saturday, we hung loose and had friends over for dinner. They are expecting a girl in three weeks so I had them over for one last Adult Outing – dinner (sesame tofu w/ spinach over orzo; orange-almond polenta cake) and a movie (Tristram Shandy). The movie was amusing though it had a very long and drawn out agonizing birth scene including forceps. Ooops. Had I known, I’d have gotten The Matador.

Today, my mother came by and witnessed another Red Special Presentation and, being typically 65 years old, mused that she should be on “one of those shows: So You Think You Can Dance. Or a pageant. She should be dressed up.” What? Excuse me? My mother is known for her way-out thoughts. She also suggested that I find a Fred Astaire movie for Red to watch. I can’t even number the ways this is wrong. I’ll leave that up to you to figure out. My mother, dog love her! Sigh.

At least the sun's finally out and it's cool - a perfect September day.

Tomorrow, while the rest of you are enjoying another day off, I will be at work. Yes! Laboring on Labor Day due to the infinite wisdom of my employer to begin classes on a NATIONAL FUCKING HOLIDAY! Way to go, higher ed!

Chances are good I’ll be writing an entry tomorrow. Since, the only ones working will be me and the retail shmucks. Y’all enjoy it for me!


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