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For some reason I had the road pretty much to myself this morning on the way to work. It was like it was a….holiday or something. Oh, right! That’s because it IS a holiday. Silly me.

Not that I’m bitter or anything. I mean, I’d really much rather sit in my office all day than get my daughter ready for kindergarten. Yeah, that’d be a stone cold drag!

In compensation, I will be getting in a bit late tomorrow because I must witness (and document) the first Getting on the School Bus moment. I know I’m going to cry. I just know it. Even though Dusty’s had a number of first days – she’s attended three different preschools – this is the real thing. She’s a big kid now. She’ll be just fine.

Not so sure about me.

I realized last week that due to the last minute change in after-school plans, I won’t have Dusty in the car AT ALL during the week any more. My husband will most likely be the one to pick her up at school on the days she’s at the Y program. No more Dusty commutes apart from the school closing days. That makes me very sad. The number of Dusty quotes will diminish considerably.

But, to forestall that, I will tell you all about Scribbletown, a land in the forest where babies live. It’s all Dusty’s invention and before I sat down to tell you about it, I quizzed her unmercifully so that I’d have all the facts straight. Or at least all the facts she was willing to impart.

Scribbletown is located just down the road from us (how convenient!) in a forest thick with trees. It’s where all the babies live and Red, of course, is the president. The babies call it Bad Town because it’s full of good and bad babies (do not ask; I never said it would make sense.). Only babies who are zero and one and two years old can live there.

The babies of Scribbletown (its name comes from the fact that these babies can’t draw yet, only scribble) listen to bird music which, according to Dusty, is really bad music.

The babies of Scribbletown catch animals and insects in their nets for food. They cook the animals before they’re eaten but the insects are consumed raw.

The babies arrive in Scribbletown when their parents pull over to the side of the road and toss the babies out. Somehow they make their way through the woods to Scribbletown proper. When Red is having a psychotic freakout in her car seat, we threaten to stop and dump her in Scribbletown. But, since she’s president of the place, I guess that’s kind of a pointless threat.

That’s all I know for now. If Dusty gives me more information about Scribbletown, I’ll be sure to pass it along.


Patented Dusty Quote:

“Guess how many things I did at nap time?”
“Three! I read a little, I played a little and I cleaned up a little.”
“Well, that sounds like a good use of your time.”
“So, what can I have for a snack?”


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