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Bus Confusion and Stupid's Return


Dusty’s first day of school was a success. There was one minor snafu: apparently she got on the wrong bus. There are two buses that go down our road but at the orientation, there was no real explanation about this, which way they went when they went past our house, what difference it made, which one we should take, etc.

The assistant principal, who knew absolutely nothing about anything, gave me a sheet with the route the buses took – a list of “start at Podunk street, turn right on hillbilly avenue, head west...” Blah, blah, blah, meant nothing to me either. We sort of decided that she’d probably ride #255 rather than #50. And, of course there was no indication of what time the bus would stop at our house. I am used to city routes where there are designated bus stops. You get your child to a particular stop by a particular time and all’s well (unless the bus is late). But out here, they stop at your driveway. Whenever.

My husband noted this morning that he thought she’d just boarded #50. And her name tag says #255. Since there’s only one school out here, all the buses have the same ultimate destination, so no harm done, I reckoned. Of course, her bus coming home was late, late, late. My husband was expecting her home by 3:15pm or thereabouts. She got home at 3:45pm. He’d gone in to call the school and heard the bus beeping outside to let him know Dusty was home. He had a talk with the bus driver.

Apparently, #255 went by our house this morning a half an hour earlier than #50. Turns out with #255, she’d be getting on at the beginning of the route (7:45am) and getting off at the end. I’m not sure what to do about this but I may see if I can switch buses. Six of one, half dozen of the other but MY GOD CAN'T THESE PEOPLE GET THIS CRAP STRAIGHT BEFORE I LOSE MY MIND?

Sigh. Anyway. Dusty had a good day once she got there. They did some drawing, went to the library and heard the librarian read them a story (Tuesday is library day), “But we didn’t have P.E., we didn’t have science and we didn’t have history.” My fault. I mentioned these things as possibilities, not absolutes and forgot that Dusty takes them as absolutes. Oops. P.E. is on Mondays.

“There are a lot of boys in my classroom. They all have weird names.”
“Like what?”

“And you know that boy that cried last week?” (One boy cried when the kids lined up at orientation and his mother had to escort him to the classroom)
“His name is Brandon. He seems like a pretty nice boy.”

And, because she’s Dusty:

“I made a new friend today. Her name is Mackenzie.”

See? First day of school and she’s already made a friend. Plus, Phoebe’s there. And she saw Savannah at lunch but didn’t get to play with her. No recess today because it was rainy.

There was also some confusion about snack time in the morning. A note came home to the parents about specifically labeling which item was for snack. I put the note back in Dusty’s folder with my response: “There was probably some confusion because none of us were informed about this. There was no indication that we were to provide a snack, much less having to label it as such.”

I mean, really. More information up front is never a bad thing. I really, really hate not having all the details. I need information. Lots of it, please!

All in all, a good day. Tomorrow is art class and that’s Dusty’s forte so I expect to hear good things. Plus, she’ll start her after-school program.

And, Red has suddenly begun to skip-gallop. She sort of skips with one foot. She wasn’t doing it yesterday. It’s a brand new thing, so she’s not upstaged entirely by her school-going sister. Plus, she’s been showing a lot of interest (removing all clothing/pull-ups below the waist and galloping off to the bathroom) in the potty all of a sudden. Nothing’s coming out yet but she likes to sit there. She likes to be naked.

Oh! And, Stupid’s back! Our male bimbo Barbie guy was lost during our Saturday of parties a week and a half ago. Our dinner guests brought him back to us just as naked as we’d left him. And Red is absolutely smitten. He is her boy toy. She carries him around, puts him nite-nite, even dunked him in Dusty’s bath tonight and got worried when his hair got wet: "Oh no!" Dude, he loves to take baths with foxy chicks! No prob!

My friend also sent a picture from the pool party of me and Red. It’s on Flickr. Check it out!


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