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Buying A Thrill


Lately, Dusty’s been giving puppet shows from behind the couch. The puppets often wear her gruesome monster teeth (see flickr) – which, let me tell you, is hilarious – but most often sing to Steely Dan. And when they begin to sing, the teeth fall out. Ha! Comedy gold.

My husband’s been playing some of the early SD records, like "Can’t Buy a Thrill," during our post-dinner music hour. Old skool. The puppets sing, Red dances around her hedgehog stool and waves paper plates in the air, I sit back and enjoy. A nice change.

It’s a lovely thing. And much better than hair pulling and temper tantrums.

Yesterday, Dusty had P.E. for the first time. At first she was dreading because I’d given it sort of a bad rap (bad mommy!) because I so, so, so hated P.E. All the way through school but especially in middle school when we had to don clown suits and undress in front of more, um, developed girls. Even today, pretty much 98% of all women are more developed than me. And I've got the training bras to prove it.

But, in Dusty’s class yesterday they learned how to use a hula hoop.

"And I did it really good - can I have one? Can I have a hula hoop? And we got to go outside and play!"

So, P.E. was a hit, thank god. I need to learn to keep my mouth shut about me and my miserable experiences. I’ll save them up for her middle school years when we can possibly commiserate.

Dusty’s also very thrilled that they’ve started journals. She’s recently discovered (thanks to a certain mommy) Junie B. Jones books and Junie, once in first grade, has a journal she writes in. So, this couldn’t have been better timed. I am so relieved that school is exceeding her expectations.

Last week at dinner she told me:

“I had a good day today. Wanna know how good?”
“I laughed.”

Don’t you just want to hug her for that? I did, believe me. And don’t you also wish life were that...I don’t want to say “simple” but maybe “basic” is the right word? I wish life were that basic – it’s a good day when you’ve had a good laugh. Period. Never mind the stupid old codger going 20 mph under the posted speed limit or the teenager who passes three cars and a bus just because he can. Never mind the periodic, fluctuating poverty or the fact that the bathroom light fixture died and you have to apply makeup in the semi-darkness. Never mind running out of cheese by Tuesday.

A laugh is all it takes. This is why I had kids. So I could be reminded of that.

Y’all have a good day!


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