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I have a new obsession. When Dusty started school, one of the things I missed (still do) is that daily contact with her teacher. When she was in preschool, I took her there, chatted with her teachers, got a read on the classroom atmosphere, checked the daily menu, the calendar for the day, etc. I was able to let her teacher know how Dusty was feeling that day, what was going on in her life (example Ė after the murder of her friend and the trial of the murderer last month, I brought CDs to play at naptime so that NPR wasnít on the radio as it normally is.).

Now, she mounts the bus and away she goes. Out of my life. Out of my control. The teacher sends home general notes but itís not the same. While Iím glad Dusty is growing up and is becoming independent in little steps, I wish in some ways I was still dropping her off in the morning, saying hello to her teacher, getting a read on the classroom, all that. Because eventually, the last thing Dusty will want is me butting into her business. One day, Iíll be an embarrassment to her.

So, the school system has created a wonderful thing. Itís a voice mail system where you can dial in to the teacherís voice mail Ė called Snapshot Ė and you get to hear her talk about what the children did all day, whatís coming up, and what concepts theyíre learning. Iím so loving this that Iíve set up an Outlook Calendar reminder so I can dial the numbers before I leave work in the afternoon.

Itís not the same as physically being there but itís something.

One thing, though, thatís a bit annoying is the teacherís overuse of the word, ďwhatnot.Ē I listened just now to yesterdayís message for an example but, of course, she didnít say it once! Figures.

This weekend, if it doesnít rain, Dusty and I will do more work on the path and retaining wall for our front flower beds. I ordered some Rembrandt tulips to plant for next spring.

Then, weíll go to my momís and have lunch to celebrate her birthday (which was yesterday). Not sure what Iíll make but I do know there will be chocolate cake involved.


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