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Editor, Where Art Thou?


Believe it or not, I actually donít have much to say this morning. Shocking but true. I am, though, writing a few essays for possible publication in an ďintelligent mommyĒ magazine. But, Iím having trouble deciding if what Iíve written is clear and makes sense or whether Iím just way off in left field with my rambling, duhness self.

Anyone with editing skills want to take a look at one of them? Iíd appreciate the feedback.

Hereís whatís coming up in my world:

- Dustyís first interim report card will arrive tomorrow. Somehow I have feeling it will be all positive. I mean, sheís gotten perfect behavior awards since school began and has been doing, as far as sheís concerned, preschool-level work. I am really looking forward to parent-teacher conferences in November so that I can discuss the possibilities for more challenging lessons for her. The nice thing about this school is that students stay with the same teacher for two years. So, this teacher will have these same children for first grade. Which means sheís got lesson plans for first grade. Perhaps Dusty could have a crack at them.

- On Friday, Iím attended the local writers conference. Iím so excited I may need some adult diapers. Last yearís conference was so excellent Ė I got my first page read and critiqued (and it wasnít totally destroyed by the agents who critiqued it). I got to meet with an agent. I got to hang out with other writers Ė for two solid days! And, Iíll go back on Saturday for a complete child-free day! I can be, like, my own autonomous person and my husband will have to schlep both kids to the grocery store (and hopefully not buy the wrong kind of bread). Whee!

- On Sunday, if the weather doesnít suck, Dusty and I will do more path making. Iím really enjoying this project and it takes so much less time to do than I had thought it would. We can get down to the decorating part in mere minutes. A perfect thing to do with a short-attention-span child.

- On Monday, schools are closed for some ridiculous holiday that I donít get (I mean, if I canít even get Labor Day off, the hell Iím getting Columbo Ė I mean Columbus Day off). Dusty will spend the day at the Y. Theyíll be swimming in the indoor pool and taking a trip to a pumpkin patch. I wish that were my day. Freaky Friday! I need you!


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