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C is for Cumshaw*


I find this hilarious. If you were an English major, you might, too. I subscribe to a listserv for my profession. One of the perks is that job announcements are routinely posted. Here is an actual, unedited line from the most recent one:

* Must be able to proof and edit others work.

Well, give me the job because I just have. With this job description!


So. I went to the doctorís office yesterday for blood work and the follow-up ultrasound. Then, I waited for the doctor to review everything and call me back. It took some time because one of the doctors in the practice had to deliver a baby and my doctor had to pick up the slack. But!

Apparently the cyst has shrunk down to almost nothing in the last six weeks. So, all is well. Which means I can continue to assume Iíll be around to explain to my daughters why theyíll be paying for their own weddings.


So, this weekend. Letís see. Iím going to some fall festival thing at which my sister will be manning a booth, hawking her wares. Dusty always likes to go places and if her aunt is there Ė bonus! Red is also always up for a car ride and some excitement.

Then Sunday: more path work. Perhaps Iíll plant my cover crop if the inoculation process doesnít take too long.

And speaking of inoculations, today I must get a flu shot. What could be more fun than having blood drawn one day and getting jabbed again less than twenty four hours later? And having a very sore arm until kingdom come?

Good times!

*grateful thanks (at least, I think so)


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