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Politicians Win!


I cannot believe I watched three hours of CNN post-election coverage last night when all I had to do was read The Onion this morning to learn the same thing: Politicians Sweep Midterm Elections!. (Oh, and while you're there, read the Frito Lay/Healthy Snack article - too funny!)

I blame "Dirty Jobs" on The Discovery Channel. If it hadn't have been a rerun, I'd probably have been watching Mike instead.

Actually, despite all the ridiculous “we’re so important” pundits blathering on and on, it was kind of exciting because the election for senator was close-close-close. It still is! Even though the Democrat claims victory, he’s only ahead by 1,800 votes or so. And I think Wolf and Anderson and the big bloated white guy were a little put out that they couldn’t just call the race and go out for a beer. And man – what is wrong with James Carville? Did I miss the news blurb that he’s been ill? Because, he’s just a scary skull now. Just skin pulled over bones. But, by eleven, it was bedtime and I would just have to wait until the morning to find out what happened.

So, I’m glad I voted, not that I wouldn’t have. And I wasn’t the only one in my district with some common sense. I was one of a few hundred that found the marriage amendment (also know as the “homophobic amendment”) ridiculous, not to mention redundant. Sigh.

Since schools were closed (don’t even get me started on that one – surely there are better places for the polls (libraries? Empty warehouses?) than the public schools which forces them to be CLOSED. Ah, the commitment to education in this land is just too much for me to bear.), my husband (and not willingly, I might add) took the children to get their flu shots. And guess who made the biggest fuss about it? Dusty. Red apparently just took it like amazon. Or something. Probably because she didn’t know it was coming whereas Dusty’d had a whole day of knowledge beforehand and spent it dreading the moment. Ignorance is bliss.

In other breaking news, my sewing machine (the one I cannot use and barely can stand to look at; it looks just like the one linked) is going to be famous. I am lending it to the drama department as a prop in “Brighton Beach Memoirs”. Aww, I’m so proud!

Hmm. You’d think I’d have something else to say, wouldn’t you? But, sadly, I’m tapped out. Talk amongst yourselves.


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