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Fantastic Dusty!


I actually had a pretty good weekend. How ‘bout yourself? The only glitch was that the weather report was backwards. It was supposed to rain on Saturday and clear out by Sunday. Thus, I did not buy concrete to finish the retaining wall (pictures of the path/wall in progress are on flickr). Instead, it was 75 degrees and absolutely gorgeous outside! Figures. Not that I’m complaining. The FreshHell Four spent a lot of the day outside.

My husband brought out his guitar in the afternoon and the kids played in the sandbox. Well, actually, Dusty played in the sandbox like a normal child would. Red picked up toys from the sandbox and threw them down the steps to the driveway. One thing at a time. Along with her shoes, her sippy cup, and fistfuls of dirt from my strawberry pot (which, jeez, I really just need to empty and put in the shed).

Dusty then became Songstress and sang a series of songs she made up on the spot that were kind of a Donovan meets Bob Dylan kind of jam session. I was able to hastily scrawl down some of the lyrics – which changed every second or so. But, they’ll give you an idea of what I was treated to (I've made up titles for each one):

Marshmallow Pillow

Pillows in my head
Marshmallow pillows
You always say
Before you go to bed

Marshmallow Pillow
Under your head
Sit on a chair
When you go to bed

Pizza Pie
Marshmallow Pillow
Right on your head
Right on your bed
In your crayon

If you like porcupine pillows
If you like armadillos
Marshmallow armadillo

Wash your hands
Before you eat pizza pie


Dusty Rap

If you like to eat cake
You like to rake leaves
If you have a bag on your clothes
You like to have a bag, a rag and a flag

There’s a bee really near
And it won’t go away

I see a nail sticking out

What are you doing with
Two butterflies on your guitar?


Ode To Red

Sand, sand, sand
Is all she eats


Dusty Rap, Part II

If you like a duck
You like a dog
If you like a bug
You like a dog
If you like to lay
Down in some sand
Bring a piece of paper with you


On Friday, Dusty brought home her first report card, which was glowing. She got all S’s which indicate mastery in various areas and this was the comment:

“I have enjoyed getting to know Dusty. She is very bright and eager to learn. Dusty’s letter recognition and letter sound knowledge are exceptional and she is beginning to use this knowledge independently in her writing. We will continue to work on building confidence when reading aloud to adults. Fantastic Dusty!”

We have our Parent/Teacher conference on Thursday to further discuss Dusty's amazingness.


On Sunday, in the cold, driving rain, my sister and I ventured up north to IKEA for our annual shopping extravaganza. I bought cabinets for the laundry/art room. I bought new bamboo shades for Dusty’s room. I bought a few other things of no great note. Mainly, it’s about spending a day with my sister, something we don’t get to do hardly ever. So it was nice – shopping AND girly time. We caught up on gossip and didn’t get killed by crazy drivers on I-95 hydroplaning all over creation.


And, now it’s Monday.


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