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I'm Sorry. What Were You Saying?


Well, here I am. At work. Itís pouring outside and as dark as if it were time to go home. But no! It is only 9:30am. Lucky me!

I am here at Crazy College, the employer who recently sent me a letter saying, ďCongratulations, weíve upped your salary by $234 for the year.Ē Hurray for me. How will I spend it? This is also the place that sent an e-mail to all staff yesterday saying, ďIím happy to tell you the college will be closing on Wednesday at 4:00pm! Happy Thanksgiving!Ē A whole hour early! What will I do with myself? Maybe in that hour I can spend my $234 raise!

I do have to go to Hell-Mart today. Dusty wants underwear for her birthday (swear to god!) Yeah, Dusty will be six on Monday. Thatís hard to believe. How did that happen, exactly? I have to get cupcakes for her class so they can celebrate.

So tired. So sleepy. Maybe Iíll just curl up under my desk and take a nap until the afternoon and then take a super-extended lunch break that lasts until I can go home. I really would take a nap if I didnít think silverfish would crawl across my face. Not willing to take that risk.

I was going to write about holiday preparations at Scribbletown (they are stringing lights as we speak) but I lack the energy. Maybe later this week Iíll get to it. Or not.

If youíre still out there, try to have a decent holiday surrounded by your family (whether you want to be or not). Eat a piece of pie! Drink a beer! Have a glass of wine! Watch some mindless television! I know I will.



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