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Shiny Silver Knobs!


Okay, first up. I have added a slew of new photos to flickr including Thanksgiving pictures (my sister is going to KILL me!), Dustyís birthday party (and the Scribbletown cake which due to my shitty photography skills and a disposable camera arenít the greatest), general FreshHell living and a couple shots of the first round of Possible Xmas Card Pictures. I took another round last night. Iím really behind in the card project this year. Usually Ė please donít send the hate rays Ė I have them DONE by now. Usually, I am addressing the frigginí envelopes by now. Wah.

There is, though, a fab photo of Red wearing kooky glasses from the birthday party goody bags. Those glasses are tres popular around the house now. I got a couple of pictures of Dusty and Red wearing them which may be the Xmas card photo this year because they are so damn funny. Let me know if you agree.

Also, if you would like me to mail you an official Dusty 'n Red Holiday Greeting Card, send me a note. I'll pop one in the mail. Eventually.

Also also, my essay will be published in the January issue of the magazine. This particular magazine does not post articles on their website so if you want a copy, let me know. I can mail it to you. Itís going through a severe editing job right now because of space and I decided not to see it until itís published and I cannot agonize over the cuts between now and then. By then, whatís done is done. The original essay was about 1,100 words. I edited it down to 940 and couldnít go any farther. They might need to butcher it down to 800 or less. Ouch. So, I just donít want to know.

At this very moment, a man is in my house putting up white ikea cabinets in my laundry/art room. He is also installing a drop leaf table (attaches to the wall) in Dustyís bedroom so she has a ďdeskĒ. I bought the damn thing a couple of years ago with thoughts of putting it up in the play area of the family room and then the thought of trying to hang something and make it level was more than my pea brain could handle. So it just sat in its box and collected dust. Since Dusty now wants a desk to do her homework, I figured it was best to use something I already had rather than spend a year looking for some nice old desk that will need a lot of paint (thus creating another project that will never get done) and adding yet one more piece of furniture to the house.

So, it will be nice to come home this evening and see all these things done (we wonít discuss the bill that will be waiting for me). Oh, look at those nice new white cabinets with sparkly silver knobs just waiting to be filled with detergent and bleach bottles and static cling sheets and bottles of tempra paint and extra paper! Whee!

It really doesnít take much to make me happy. Just the money necessary to make my environment neat and orderly. Thatís not asking too much, is it?


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