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I knew it! I just knew it! Remember how I mentioned, during Redís day-long freak fest, how I wondered if she was coming down with something? Well, sheís got a cold, poor baby. Itís clear she doesnít feel so hot but not so bad she needs a doctor yet (fingers crossed). Though, I wouldnít be surprised if that is how I spend my day tomorrow. There are worse ways to spend a Wednesday, I suppose. I just hope none of the rest of us get it until after Sunday. Thatís when we take Dusty to see The Nutcracker. I'd hate for her to experience a Real Ballet performance under the haze of cold medicine.

In other news, Dusty has created a new game. It involves her Lite-Brite and Candyland games. Hereís how you play: one person (Dusty) mans the Lite-Brite. The second person (me) plays Candyland. I pick a card, move my gingerbread guy to the correct colored square on the board. Dusty then looks for the corresponding colored pegs and puts it in the L-B.

Say, for example, I had double purples. Iíd move my guy two purples. Dusty would find two purple pegs and place them in a line. As I move my guy around the board, Dustyís got a line of pegs for each color on her L-B: purple, orange, green, etc. When I finish, Dusty looks at her rows of pegs to discover which line is longest, which color was picked the most times. Patterns and probability rear their heads here. We played this twice the other night and then I read some Pippi to her.

Today we finally have our parent/teacher conference. I get to leave work early (again), meet Dusty as she gets off her bus (a first!), and drag her and her runny nosed sister up to the school to discuss how fabulously wonderful Dusty is. And, today is "interim report" day so I'll get a progress report as well. These grading periods seem to just run together. How can another six or nine weeks have passed already?

Dusty's been reading "Space Case" books lately and when she asked for a peanut butter and jelly waffle last night she told me, "I haven't had a waffle in, like, a thousand zyglots!" Oh, indeed! Clearly a Martian utterance if ever there was one.

After reading the Xmas meme on a number of journals, Iím thinking about Xmases past. Perhaps Iíll write about a few later. For now, I need to get something accomplished.

Oh, and the Santa Picture is posted on flickr along with a couple of other photos. I ordered my Xmas cards yesterday and they should Ė hopefully Ė be ready by Friday and should reach various mailboxes next week. If you would like one, and havenít already requested it, drop me a line. Itís a funny picture.

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