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I am waiting for warm weather. I am in desperate need to get back to my garden. I must dig in the dirt. I want to get dirty (not in that way!). I need to pull weeds, add compost, plant things, get this spring party started!

This year, on top of everything else, I'm planning to get some window box things for the deck long planters with a hook that fits over the deck rail. You know what I'm talking about. Whatever those are called. I have been compiling a dream list of plants for them that goes something like this:

Heliotrope, petunias, sweet peas, nasturtium, dusty miller, sweet alyssum, verbena, annual phlox, Canterbury bells, lisianthus, basil, dill, parsley, lantana, portulaca.

Clearly this is a bit overreaching but I've been looking through my gardening books with those full color pictures of annuals. And, getting a bit carried away. But, it costs nothing to write down a list of all the plants I'd like to see growing off the side of my deck, right? I'll let you know what I finally settle on.

The big project is repairing, or rather re-constructing, the fence around the raised beds for the vegetables. Last year, the danger was feral cat intrusion. This year, it's the skunk and the groundhog and the neighbor's cat, Boots, who might pay my vegetables a visit. And, they are not invited to my garden party. So, I must buy stakes, chicken wire, a staple gun, concrete, and more pea gravel for the path. I bought 10 bags last year and it only covered the pathways between the three beds. Now I need to cover the path that goes around the outside of the beds a big rectangle.

I can't wait. I'm almost desperate enough to play hooky.

But I won't. I'm a good girl.



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