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Nothing Comes To Mind

I do not have much to say. I have added a slew of new end-of-summer photos for your enjoyment Ė Red being messy and adorable, Dusty being a kindergardener and adorable, and our sunflower.

I still feel like crap and Iím considering going to the pharmacy when it opens, filling the antibiotic rx I was given a week ago, and going home. Because nobody needs to be at work when they begin a round of antibiotics, right?

Plus, itís Friday and I have nothing in particular to accomplish today. Except to try to get well. I mean, three weeks is way too long to be sick. Itís ridiculous.

Maybe Iíll rent a movie. That might make me feel better. Especially considering thereís no food in the house.

I will leave you with this: my absolute favorite website. It never gets old.



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