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Well, what do you know? I got a call yesterday from a staff person at a local magazine. One of the ones I recently sent an essay to and guess what? They are going to publish it! How ‘bout them apples? It pays something, which is nice. And, lots of people will (hopefully) read my writing and perhaps not think it sucks. That’s really all the Xmas present I need.

Because Dusty just can’t pace herself, tooth #7 came out last night. If you haven't been keeping track, that's only 48 hours after #6 fell out. Thank goodness the Tooth Fairy had some spare change or she’d have been up shit’s creek, or maybe up the root canal. Ha! I slay me.

Over the weekend I put up another string of fairy lights in our “forest” path and Dusty and I have been prowling around in it with a flashlight after Red goes to bed. The first night we disturbed some animal (Ground hog? Cat? Fox?) in its nocturnal wanderings. We caught its glowing eyes in the beam. It slunk away and Dusty and I tried scaring ourselves with thoughts of what it might be: wolf, hyena, dragon. Shit, anything’s possible out here. Truly.

I drove almost an hour to another rural county on Saturday for a memorial service (a friend’s mother died) and I swear to Jeebus I saw a dead hyena on the side of the road. Swear! Just try to prove me wrong, is all I’m saying. I also saw a young deer but she was very alive. I hope she still is.

Oooh, what time is it? Damn. I better go. I have to train a new researcher at another college today. Show her how we do our job, how I’ve set up my shop, policies and procedures, etc. Scintillating, eh? Okay! Leave me a note and tell me how much you love me!

Class dismissed!


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