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Last night, after dinner a period of time in our house usually known as either "music time" or "get in the bathtub right now before I start crackin' skulls time" [kidding my kids love baths, Red especially.] my husband pulled out a 10cc record and placed the needle on "Things We Do For Love," which may or may not be the actual title of the song, though I seriously love it no matter what it's called, and Red started rocking out. Put her whole BEING into it. That kid loves her some music rock and roll, jazz, bossa nova, classical it really doesn't matter. She dances to it all. Last night, she was 115% into that song and bounced and swayed and swung her arms around like it was the end of the world and this was the last music she'd ever hear in her short little plumpkin life. I love that kid, I really do.

Yesterday, to continue my loserdom streak, I bought Best Of (naturally!) Roxy Music because all my RM stuff is on those big black disks called record albums. Hey at least they aren't recorded on wax cylinders. Actually, I think I'd like to have a collection of those. I mean, they'd last a pretty long time here in the hot and humid South, right?

Anywho. I have always been a Bryan Ferry fan. I love his crooner voice (when it's in tune). I love "Avalon" and "More Than This" for their ghostly, lush sounds. I also love "Both Ends Burning," "Love is the Drug," "Mother of Pearl," "Virginia Plain," etc. Etc. This morning, as Dusty and I came into town, "Street Life" began which has this noodly synth effect going and Dusty asked, "Is this a silly song?" Yeah, pretty much. It's that Brian Eno thing which, frankly, I am not fond of but what are ya gonna do? I'm not all that thrilled with the Eno/Bowie collaborations either, as much as Bowie is my Sincerely Number One Musician Of All Time. In fact, I'd forgotten he was even in Roxy Music. Doesn't change my devotion to the band, though. Now, I think I'll scope out some of Ferry's solo stuff, of which I'm not very familiar.

Okay, I seriously need to go do some work. This is going to be the month from hell, I can just tell. Later.


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