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Todayís Bowie listening is Hunky Dory. Donít get me wrong; despite my waxing eloquent over Station to Station, Hunky Dory is still tops. I mean: "Changes," "Oh! You Pretty Things," "Life on Mars?" and "Queen Bitch" are excellent songs. Itís an excellent album. Just not my #1 this week. Maybe #2. Really, though, itís a must-have in any collection. Iíll bore you no longer with my Bowie blabbing.

Well, the next few days will be action-packed. Tomorrow is Redís second birthday. Iím attempting a horse head cake - this should be horse #11 - for her because she loves her neigh-neighs so much. Iíll be sure to take a picture of it before itís eaten. My in-laws will be arriving tomorrow as well. It will be interesting to see how I will get it all done: get off work at 4pm, get groceries, pick up Red (Dustyís having a Daddy Day tomorrow and is staying home) from daycare, go home and make dinner for us and the grandparents (cheese pizza for us, meat pizza for them, plus some kind of vegetable for us - the grandparents don't actually eat vegetables that haven't been pressure-cooked to death), give the girls their baths, make (from scratch, mind you) a chocolate chip birthday cake, carve cooled cake into horse head shape, ice it and put in refrigerator, entertain in-laws until they finally leave for the hotel, put children to bed, pass out.

No problem. Then, Saturday, prepare for 10:30am party by throwing some fruit on the table (and I guess something to drink), decorate cake to make horse face and reins/halter, blow up balloons, find all the hidden presents, find candles, find matches, throw a party, feed children non-sugary foods for lunch, put them down for naps, clean up mess, pass out until Auntie Amblus can get her ass out to the ranch, blah blah blah, etc. world without end.

Then...Dusty, who is obsessed with the Mini Page that comes in the Tuesday paper, wants to make the Fatherís Day Coffee Cake, which includes a lot of disgusting ingredients like instant vanilla pudding and vanilla cake mix (Sorry, Iím a food snob. I fully admit it.), that was in this weekís Fatherís Day issue. So, weíll make the coffee cake and then my husband will vanish to go play music with his music friends. While I stay home and entertain post-party children.

Sigh. You know what they say about a womanís work....

At least there's beer in the house.


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