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Mars Brain Attacks


Here is yesterday’s horoscope:

Let someone see your vulnerable side. Yes, you're astoundingly self-sufficient and competent, but you need something more. Believe it or not, seeing this side of you is just what someone else needs too.

Which, without going into a lot of detail, is pretty well dead-on. Except, I’m never really allowed to be vulnerable. No, people don’t like it when I am not perfect. Guess those people are simply going to deal with it.

Today, I present a back-log of Dusty Quotes for your amusement (so I can throw away all these scraps of paper):

A sullen, moody Dusty tells me, in no uncertain terms, as I pick her up from preschool, that she wants four fish sticks for dinner.
“Well, I don’t know what Daddy’s put in the oven for you.”
“If there are only three, I’m not eating ANYTHING!”
No skin off my back, kid.

“How many weeks until kindergarten?”
“Three weeks.”
“No, only two.”
“No. This week, next week, and the week after. Three.”
“Two! I’m not counting the middle one.”

“People in the country have a lot of dogs.”
“Yes. But, people in the city have dogs, too.”
“I know. Because there are sidewalks.”

“Did you know that sugar stays in your body for three hours?”
“You mean, after you eat something with sugar in it?”
“How do you know this?”
Dusty points to her head and looks at me knowingly.
“Your brain told you?”
She nods and points up.
“Mars? Your brain went to Mars and told you that sugar stays in your body for three hours?”
“How interesting.”

“I’ve decided I don’t want to be a queen when I grow up.”
“Really? How come?”
“You have to wear hot clothes.”

After a grumpy evening meal, Red frolicks in the kitchen to Robin Hitchcock (on the CD player, not in real life, sadly.):
“She’s the only thing funny in the house!”

Dusty is in the back seat of the car making a buzzing sound.
“When I grow up I’m going to have a job making this noise in movies.”
“That’d be cool.”
“Could you really do that?”
“Sure. A lot of people make sound effects for movies.”
“How would I do that? What, is there a school for movies? For making movies?”
“Yes. There are film schools. You could probably major in sound effects.”
Dusty ponders this – the fact that something she’s just made up is true, “Cool.”


Finally, we are on Loose Tooth Alert. Her top front teeth are dangerously close to falling out. The tooth fairy is equipped with cash, ready and waiting for the inevitable.


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