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The Report


Well, Dusty’s interim report card came today. Her teacher wrote:

“Dusty had been nothing but a nightmare. She’s stupid, rude, disruptive and, frankly, if I was allowed to expel a student based solely on attitude, she would have been dismissed after the first week of school. I’m really not sure what’s going on here but clearly you have been highly negligent in your ability to raise this child. Not only did we have her tested for mental deficiency (the girl can’t get past “C” in the alphabet!), but I’ve called Social Services behind your back so that Dusty and her sister can be removed from your home and placed in an institutional setting better suited to their needs. I truly hope Dusty is not in my class much longer or I may need to quit and change careers.”


Actually, it said:

“Dusty is doing quite well in school. She is still shy and will not read aloud to me. This makes it difficult to assess her reading skills. I look forward to meeting with you soon!”

This last refers to a message she left on our voice mail this afternoon. She’s spoken to the reading specialist and the principal about Dusty’s reading and wants to meet with us next week to talk about what they want to do. Sigh. I know it’s all good but if Dusty would just READ to her teacher, we all wouldn’t have to go to such lengths. But, it’ll be nice to talk one on one with her, no matter what.

So, tomorrow I’ll be off at the writers’ conference. Back on Monday. I hear it’s a national holiday but papers must be pushed and e-mails must be replied to. The grind stone continues to grind. Ta!


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