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Dusty Wins A Major Award

Well! When I arrived home last night, the children had pretty much finished dinner. (I swear, children are like the elderly; they all eat dinner at 5:00pm!) Dusty had a big grin on her face and a piece of green paper in her hand.

Turns out she won the Sch0lastic coloring contest for kindergarteners! She was holding her $5 gift certificate. My girl, she is brilliant!

So, off we went to the book fair and Dusty got to pick out whatever she wanted. She chose some dreadful Barb1e Magic Pegasus chapter book thing with computerized “pictures” of dancing Barb1e princesses and pegasuses (pegasi?) and a baby polar bear. Blech. But, she also got (on my dime) a Glass Art kit with which you can make some kind of stained-glass window type things. We got a cool book for Red called Fast Food in which all the pictures are made out of fruit and vegetables.

And, even though our new Rocky & Bullwinkle set is in, I nixed television watching for Dusty (oh, the surliness I endured! Lot's of "bad mommy" comments despite having just bought her stuff) in favor of helping her make a Glass Art rainforest monkey. I also managed to squirt half the bottle of black ink on the table. Go me! I was able to save most of it and Dusty used a pencil to dip into the blob of saved ink and trace her monkey.


Seems to be getting cold outside. I don’t recall ordering any cold weather. I HATE cold weather. I actually composed a list of good and bad things about winter, which I may add below now or I may wait until later if I get interrupted and have to go – oh, I don’t know – work or something.

Yesterday I was forced to put on my coat and discovered that it was just ridiculously huge. This pea coat was a gift from my mother before Red was born. I wore it during my first two trimesters and pretty much stretched out the button holes. I have since lost a bit of weight and, in a fit of pique, drove down to Targ3t at lunch time and bought this.

It’s pretty hip, I guess. The best part is that it was reasonably priced and IT FITS!

Awright. I need to go. More about my hatred of cold later(#1 would be scraping the windshield every damn morning and forgetting – every single day – that I need to build this into my morning routine so that I am even later than usual.) Grrrrr.


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