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Must Be The Clouds In My Eye


I went home last night with a feeling of trepidation. I mean, things NEVER work out they way they are supposed to in my life. I mean, I left a complete stranger alone in my house to ostensibly do work that I would be paying him for. But, I never do all things that the paranoid elderly (Ahhh, don’t steal my identity! Shred that grocery list before it gets into the wrong hands!) encourage you to do like call the better business bureau before contracting work to be done. Like never let a stranger in your house and then leave them alone so he can steal all your worthless crap.

So, being a general pessimist, I thought to myself as I drove home last night, “Ok, I will not be upset if the cabinets aren’t installed. Even though I should have gotten a warning call if something had gone wrong. Even though my husband didn't call when he got home and said, 'I thought that guy was coming and where's our tv?'.”

This is how I live my life – always convinced that nothing will go as it should. That way, my disappointment is not as great as it would be if I expected people to be competent or at least return a phone call now and then or R.S.Fucking.V.P for a goddamn party.

So, with that in the back of my mind, Red and I drove home and sang along to Elton John’s “Daniel” (could there be a finer song? Not hardly.) while I watched another unbelievably lovely sunset to my left. Red and I oohed and aahed over the houses decked out with “yee-ights” and holiday displays. We pointed to the moon and said, "Moon! Nite-nite, sun!"

When I got home...(cue choir of angels sound)...there were the beautiful white cabinets installed above the washer and dryer with their silver knobs inserted! They were perfect! Dusty took me to her room to see her new desk, already cluttered with stuff. Beautiful! I took pictures, I was so astounded by the glory of it.

And, the children, they behaved themselves after dinner and played quietly without a “Mine! Mine!” battle and I was able to fill the pristene shelves with bleach and sundry chemicals, with artwork and paint and puzzles. I cannot tell you how great that felt.

It was a supreme moment of happiness. I’ve been thinking a lot this week about things that make me happy. Like this haircut I just got. It makes me happy (though I might feel differently about it when I wash all the products out of it). Having lunch with a friend after the haircut and swapping gossip and crazy mother stories – happy! I have more happy things to talk about but I’ll spread them out over the next couple entries if something else doesn’t take precedence in my brain.

There was something else I was going to write about but all that damn contented-ness just shoved it right out. Oh well.

As you were.


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